Welcome to the Holistic Product Blueprint Launch Resource Centre

Welcome to the Holistic Product Blueprint Launch Resource Centre

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This site houses all of our launch details & materials, including the launch calendar, an outline of our PLC content, our commission info, email swipe copy, social media graphics and more.

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Grab the appropriate tracking links and start promoting an integral and holistic product by Andy Ramsay and Marcus Bird who have over 40 years combined experience in the Wellness Industry.

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July 17: PLC 1 (The Transformational Journey)

July 20: PLC 2 (Unlock Your Profitable Magic)

July 23: PLC 3 (The Holistic Product Roadmap)

July 27: WEBINAR

July 28: Cart Open

August 2: Cart Close

July 17: PLC1 - Mail to whole list

July 18: PLC1 - Mail to unopens

July 20: PLC2 - Mail to whole list

July 21 : PLC2 - Mail to unopens

July 23: PLC3 - Mail to whole list

July 24: PLC3 - Mail to unopens

July 26: Webinar Promo - Mail to whole list

July 27: Webinar Reminder - Mail to whole list

July 28: Cart Open - Mail to whole list

July 29: Cart Open - Mail to unopens

Aug 2: Cart Close - Mail 3 to 4 times

*Launch dates are based on Pacific Daylight Time (PDT). For Australian partners, please note this means you can release content 1 day later than the calendar indicates and the webinar will take place the morning of July 28th (details to follow via email).


The Product:
The Holistic Product Blueprint

Program Offer:
Life-time Program Access to 12 module training, plus live fulfilment event for 6 payments of $374 or $1997 PIF

Program purchase for 6 payments of $374 OR $1997 PIF

40% Commission on both payment structures


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Andy & Marcus